Welcome to the website of PRESS-METAL. We are experts in the field of comprehensive steel sheet processing. Thanks to our highly skilled personnel, many years of experience and innovative machines we can guarantee the highest possible quality of service and short time of order realization.

We offer the following services to our customers:

  • powder painting
  • laser punching
  • CNC bending
  • fusion welding

Laser cutting is the most innovative and the fastest fully automated processing operation for various types of structural and acid-proof steels and aluminum...

Punching at PRESS-METAL is performed by means of numerically controlled machines produced by the recognized company of Amada. CNC punching is one the fastest and the most precise types of thin steel sheet machining...

PRESS-METAL operates in the field of STEEL SHEET bending with use of innovative machines, numerically controlled and using 2D and 3D software. Their load varies from 45 to 800 tonnes.

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