Our next expert field of operation is professional fusion welding. We perform welded structures made of low carbon, low alloy and high alloy steels, aluminum and its alloys.

Fusion welding is performed with use of the following methods:

  • TIG inert gas shielded (argon, helium) fusion welding with a tungsten non-consumable electrode. Fusion welding of low carbon, low alloy and high alloy steels, aluminum and its alloys. TIG fusion welding is appropriate for steel sheets and thin sections. In TIG fusion welding welds are clean with no chips.
  • MAG gas mixture shielded cored wire fusion welding with a consumable electrode. MAG fusion welding allows to weld structures of any thickness. It provides increased speed of fusion welding, when compared to TIG fusion welding.
  • MIG inert gas shielded (argon) fusion welding with a consumable electrode. Fusion welding of aluminum and its alloys. Selection of a given fusion welding methods depends on a type of material used to produce a structure and guidelines of a designer and a customer.

We hire trained workers with reference to fusion welding monitoring, quality assurance, production preparation and production itself:

  • European welding Engineer EWE
  • European welding Technologist EWT
  • weld controller VT2 - PN-EN ISO 9712
  • qualified welders - PN-EN ISO 9606-1, PN-EN ISO 9606-2

Our workers are equipped with high quality devices produced by recognized companies of MERKL and ESAB and participate in various trainings increasing their qualifications and skills.

In order to assure the high level of quality during fusion welding operations and to meet strict requirements of customers PRESS-METAL has obtained PN-EN ISO 3834-2 and PN-EN 15085-CL1 fusion welding certificates.








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